Women’s Health 15-minute workouts

Designed for you by the fitness experts at Women’s Health Magazine Australia


Women's Health 15-minute Workout app is available now!

Featuring step-by-step instructions, high-quality photos and easy to follow workouts, Women’s Health 15-minute Workouts are the perfect fitness fix for busy women.

At your fingertips, these speedy workouts can be done at work, at home, at the park, in a hotel room or even on a plane! Research shows that a 15-minute workout can be just as effective at burning kilojoules as those over twice this length.

These superfast workouts are devised by experts and get fast results whatever your goals: Drop 5, 10, 15 kilos or more and score slimmer thighs, a tighter tummy, more energy and confidence in half the time!

Can you find 15 minutes to workout? Is that a yes? Download theWomen’s Health 15-minute Workout app free from the App Store and Google Play.