What to eat after a heavy workout

So how much should we eat after a heavy workout? We ask the experts to give us the low-down on recovery fuel. As the sweat starts to subside, the post-gym munchies start to set in. Within 30 to 60 minutes post workout is the optimum time to eat a recovery snack, and it’s important that you do it right. “Adequate refuelling after exercise is important to replenish glycogen stores and…

May 12, 2015

Andréa Albright’s bikini workout

 Want a fitness model body? Our January cover model Andréa’s Albright shares her bikini blaster tri-set. The rules: A tri-set is simply three exercises back to back.  1. Walking lunges Start by doing lunges across the room. No weight is needed. This just gets you warmed up and the blood moving. 2. Chair step-ups Next comes step-ups on a stable bench or chair against the wall, doing 10 to 15…

April 5, 2015