Eat like a warrior

Want to keep your energy levels up throughout the day? Sheena-Lauren ‘s Warrior Recipes will help you refuel and stay energised. Chocolate protein and coconut porridge BEST FOR: A mini boost before an end-of-day workout or if you need something in your tummy pre-early morning workout. (Sheena-Lauren recommends fasted morning workouts, but if you can’t fathom powering through without something to nibble, bite off a bit of brekkie and save…

January 21, 2016

How to eat like a female fitness model

 For 30-year-old fitness model, Emily Skye, it used to be about getting skinny and slaving away on the cardio machines. It then became all about nourishing her body to becoming strong, working out and becoming healthy. Her food philosophy Don’t diet – instead just make clean eating part of your lifestyle. Learn as much as you can about healthy food and find foods that you really enjoy eating so that…

December 28, 2015

How to train like a fitness model

Want to look like a fitness model? Clean eating and hard training is KEY. 6 top tips Hard training gets results. Every session should be as intense as possible. Relax and focus on good sleep. Stress will adversely impact body fat percentage. To reveal the true results of your work, get your water balance in check by limiting sodium, drinking plenty of water (dehydration equals retention) and playing down carb…

April 7, 2015