Holly Barker’s 7 day workout program

February 25, 2016

We chat to fitness model, trainer and gym owner and WH&F February 2016 cover model Holly Barker about her typical 7 day workout routine. I am active seven days a week. I am currently lifting five days a week and performing some type of cardio seven days a week. Monday – Hamstrings Stiff-leg deadlift, German volume set 20 warm-up with bar, 10 sets of 10 Lying hamstring curl, 4 sets…


Holly Barker’s cover model secrets

Find out how to be a cover model with Holly Barker’s top tips! Exercise secrets Yoga has helped with all aspects of my fitness regime.  Implementing three to four sessions a week as a complement to my weight lifting has helped me get more out of my workouts. I am able to reach deeper into an exercise and perform exercises with proper form and function with minimal risk of injury….

April 1, 2015