Summer Body Warrior Challenge – wk2 strength

November 26, 2015

Use this strength session to compliment your wk2 cardio and step it up!            Equipment Weight plate 5kg, 10kg, 15kg Mat Cone This one is a tough one. So be ready to put that warrior paint on and bring it. This workout can be done indoors or outdoors, just ensure you have approx. a 20 m length of space you can run. Set you mat up…


Summer Body Warrior Challenge – wk1 abs

November 20, 2015

Tone your tummy for summer with this five minute ab workout! First: set your watch for 5 minutesPerform the following exercises in their order as many times through for five minutes without stopping. Bring on abs! x10 toe tapx10 crunchx10 jackknifex10 heel tap     Toe Tap  1. Lie on your back on the floor.2. Point your legs and arms to the ceiling3. Lift your shoulders towards the ceiling and try…


Summer Body Warrior Challenge – wk1 strength

November 19, 2015

Use this strength session to compliment your wk1 cardio session to tone up and trim down! Equipment stopwatch mat This session is only 15 minutes in duration, so ensure you go hard and are strict with your timing. Set your watch for 15 minutes and to alarm at the start of every new minute. Every time you hear the alarm, you need to perform the four lots of exercises and…


Summer Body Warrior Challenge – tips for success

Make the most your four-week Summer Body Warrior Challenge with Sheena-Lauren’s top tips for fitness success. Train first thing in the morning“Wake up and work out before your brain figures out what is going on,” says Sheena-Lauren. You will be less likely to skip a workout than if you leave it to the end of a day. “There is less chance for ‘things’ to pop up during the day, and…

November 18, 2015

Summer Body Warrior Challenge – wk1 cardio

This week is all about finding your groove and familiarising yourself with the main movements you’ll do during the next four weeks. Equipment stopwatch two cones or markers (water bottles will do) two mats or towels Find a local park or oval and measure out approximately 100 metres. Place a cone or marker at each end along with a mat or towel. The session requires you to surge – think 70…

November 16, 2015

How to love your body while losing weight

April 6, 2015

Learn how to love your body while you’re shedding the pounds with lifecoach Samantha McDonald’s top tips. 1. Take action! If you read my installment in the last issue of this magazine, you’ll know that I just had a baby. Let me just say that she is gorgeous and wonderful and awe-inspiring and all those fabulous things (yes, I still have the happy hormones happening!). Babies are very special. The…


2 ways stress wrecks your body

High stress levels can cause anxiety and migraines. It can even affect your fertility. 1. Stress can decrease your chance of pregnancy If you’re trying for a baby, you might want to jet off to Tahiti (or at least take up yoga). High stress levels were directly linked to greater difficulty falling pregnant in a study at Ohio State University. Women with high levels of alpha-amylase – an indicator of…

April 5, 2015