Summer Body Warrior Challenge – wk1 strength

Use this strength session to compliment your wk1 cardio session to tone up and trim down!



  • stopwatch
  • mat
  • This session is only 15 minutes in duration, so ensure you go hard and are strict with your timing. Set your watch for 15 minutes and to alarm at the start of every new minute. Every time you hear the alarm, you need to perform the four lots of exercises and your choice of nominated reps. The aim is to get the exercises done in their order and repetition numbers as quickly as you can to allow yourself some time to rest between minutes. If you don’t get the exercises done within the minute, you need to finish them before you start the next minute of exercises, which could mean catch-up for the remaining time!


    Option A
    x 8 reps

    Option B
    x 6 reps

    Option C
    x4 reps


    1. Jump squat

    Tone those legs! Start in a squat position and spring upwards with force – be sure to land with soft knees to prevent injury. Repeat without stopping for your selected number of reps and move onto the next exercise. 


    2. Burpee

    These are always tough! Start in a plank position then jump your legs forward and then push off the ground with force. Try to get as much air as you can. Be sure to land with soft knees and return to a plank position, jumping your legs back. Perform your next rep without a break. 

    Watch this video to perfect your technique!


    3. Clap push-up

    Choose your appropriate option for the clap push-up depending on your fitness and strength ability. These can be done on either your toes, knees or eliminate the clap altogether and just keep it a simple push-up. 

    Start in a plank position and use your arms to lower your chest towards to floor – a nice deep push-up will get great results. Push your chest back up as you would with a normal push-up but with more force, springing off the ground for a clap. Land with soft elbows to prevent injury and do your next rep.


    4. Scissors

    Great for lean, strong legs. Start in lunge position and spring off the ground, switching legs as you jump. Try to get as much air as you can. 



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    Words and workout by Maddie Lakos and Sheena-Lauren, images by Damien Bowerman Photography