Summer Body Warrior Challenge – Week 3 – Challenge 2

The aim of the challenge is to get through all of the exercises and repetitions in ANY order and in any rep numbers as quickly as you can. Keep track of reps and set that clock!





›› Stopwatch

›› Paper/pen

›› BB

›› DB

›› Weighted plate

›› Box or chair

›› Mat 


Before commencing, roughly draw up a table with exercises at the top and metrics down the side – think reps or time. Fill in the exercises, leaving room to record your numbers as you go. Perform each exercise and rep with full range and good technique to maximise benefits. 


Challenge exercises

›› Squat & press

›› Renegade row with a push-up

›› Russian twist

›› Squat star jump

›› Alternative lunges

›› Jump in and out

›› Dip

›› V-sit


Challenge options

Option A

x100 reps

Option B

x80 reps

Option C

x60 reps




squat press challenge 2 - IMAGE - Women's Health and Fitness magazine

Squat & Press

Work your legs, back and shoulders with this great move! 


Start standing with your feet a bit wider than shoulder width apart. Bring your barbell to a hang-clean position, ensuring you’re using your adominals (and keeping them ‘switch on’) to protect your back. Sink into a full squat, this means as deep as you can go! But your butt shouldn’t be much lower than your kneeds. Press up with force, using your momentum to drive the barbell above your head in a press. 

Bring the barbell back down to your hang-clean position, controlling the weight to protect your shoulders and back. 

Repeat for your selected number of reps! 

renegade row with push up - IMAGE - Women's Health and Fitness magazine

Renegade row with a push-up

Grab two light dumbbells and move to the floor in a plank/ push-up position.Try this on your toes first but if that gets too hard opt for you knees. 

Pull your right-side barbell up, opening your chest. Squeeze your shoulder blade towards your spine to ensure you’re working your shoulder muscles! Return this barbell to the floor and complete a push up, sinking your chest towards the floor – a nice deep push up will get great results!

Return to your plank position and repeat for the left side. Repeat for your selected number of reps. 

russian twist - IMAGE - Women's Health and Fitness magazine

Russian Twist

This is a great way of working your obliques! Take a light plate and position yourself in a sit-up position your mat.


Bring your knees and torso up, creating a ‘V’ shape. You should feel the tension in your abs!

Rotate from left to right with your plate, being careful not to over-extend as this may cause injury. Don’t rush either! You want to feel the work your abs are doing in each twist and controlling your weight.  


squat star jump - IMAGE - Women's Health and Fitness magazine

Squat star jump

A super simple calorie burning exercise! Stand with feet feet shoulder width apart and sink into a squat position. Use this squat to give your star jump extra force, trying to get as much air as you can! 

 alternative lunges - IMAGE - Women's Health and Fitness magazine

Alternating Lunges

Start with your feet shoulder width apart and the split your stance, placing one leg behind you. Ensure your feet are not directly behind each other, but spaced as though you were on ‘train tracks’. Sink your back kneed towards the floor, ensuring your front knee tracks over your toes. Both legs should be at around 90 degrees. Ensure you don’t tough the ground with your back knee! 



Rise back up to your split stance and repeat for the other leg. Repeat for your selected number of reps.

jump in and out - IMAGE - Women's Health and Fitness magazine

Jump in and out

Start in a squat position, hugging a moderately heavey weight to your chest. Ensure your abs are switched on to protect your back and prevent injury.

Step your feet wide and press off the ground with force. Try to land with your feet only shoulder withdth apart. Repeat for your selected number of reps.  




This move will tone and tighten your triceps – the back of your arms. Position yourself on a bench with your feet out in front of you. Place your hands on either side of your hips and lower off your bench. Press yourself up again, putting your weight in your palms, and repeat for your selected number of reps.

If you have shoulder problems be extra careful not to overextend, you want to feel this move in the back of your arms, not your shoulders.

The closer your butt is to your bench, the harder you will work! Of you find this position too challenging, you can op to bring your feet in closer, this will take some of your weight off your triceps.



Great for toning your upper and lower abdominals! Take a light to moderately heavy weight and position yourself on your mat with your legs out flat and your arms and plate extended. 

Bring your legs and arms up at the same time, making a ‘V’ shape with your body, then return to your lying position controlling the weight and your legs as you go. Try not to ‘throw’ your weight forward – this move is all about control, you’ll feel it in your abs! 



NEXT: Want to add an awesome ab workout? Try this circuit from week 1 of the challenge! 

Words and workout by Sheena-Lauren, images by Damien Bowerman Photography