Summer Body Warrior Challenge – Week 3 – Challenge 1

 Summer Body Warrior Challenge - Week 3 challenge - IMAGE - Women's Health and Fitness magazine

Put a stopwatch on your efforts


No time for slacking off this week. Efforts will be reduced and times will be recorded AND we want to hear about it! Snap a selfie and hashtag #RawFitspo with your challenge time/effort. Woo-hoo! Let’s inspire each other! You could win a training session with us, reposted on our Instagram or be featured in the January edition of the mag. This week is all about setting personal bests (PBs) and pushing your boundaries. 

Mon – Challenge 1
Tues – Challenge 2
Wed – Challenge 1
Thurs – Challenge 2
Fri – Challenge 1
Sat – Challenge 2
Sun – Active recovery


If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.





›› Mat

›› Plate 5kg, 10kg, 15kg

›› Skipping rope

This challenge consists of three exercises. The challenge requires you to set your watch and perform each of the exercises in their order. The next exercise doesn’t begin until the total rep numbers have been completed. No breaks are to be taken. Remember to stop your stopwatch as soon as you have finished. This time will act as your bar the next time you do the challenge. Our goal is to equal it or better it.


Challenge options

Option A

150 lunges
300 skips
50 burpees

Option B

100 lunges
200 skips
25 burpees

Option C

80 lunges
150 skips
20 burpees



lunges challenge 1 - IMAGE - Women's Health and Fitness magazine



Stand with feet around shoulder width apart and then split your stance. You feet should not be in line, but spaced as though you were on ‘train tracks’. Sink your back kneed towards the floor, ensuring your front knee tracks over your toes. Both legs should be at around 90 degrees. Ensure you don’t tough the ground with your back knee! 

Rise, switch legs and repeat for your selected number of reps. 


skips challenge 1 - IMAGE - Women's Health and Fitness magazine


Like riding a bicycle, skipping is somethign we’ve all done and probably all know how to do. But practise does make perfect. Don’t fret if you can’t do all your reps without catching the rope and having to pause. Recover and get back to it as quick as you can to keep your heart rate up! You’ll be doing double-unders before you know it. 


burpees challenge 1 - IMAGE - Women's Health and Fitness magazine 


It’s okay – most people don’t like burpees. But the reason we do them is because they’re a great whole-body exercise (and hence, calorie burner).

Start in a prone plank position. Jump your feet towards your hands into a low squat and spring off the ground with force. Try to get as much air as you can! Land with soft knees and return to your plank position to repeat.These will also hone your coordination – enjoy the challenge! 


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Words and workout by Sheena-Lauren, images by Damien Bowerman Photography