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6 causes of back pain

What are the causes of back pain? And what do we need to change in order to prevent back pain? Renowned physiotherapist Jason T Smith sets us on the (somewhat) straight and narrow. YOUR DESK ✗ ProblemMany of us spend more time at the desk than in our beds. Yet who pays as much attention to ergonomics as holiday snaps or a cute plant? “Sitting for long periods of time…


Meet our cover model: Jessica Sicoly

Jessica Sicoly, 28, is our gorgeous November 2014 cover model. Here, she reveals all about becoming a fitness model. On careerI always wanted a full-time career where I could apply my love for biology and natural sciences. My passion for health and fitness, however, has lead me to also obtain a part-time career as a fitness instructor and personal trainer. I am now a certified Les Mills BodyPump and RPM…


Eat-fasting 2.0

  Eat-fasting 2.0 sanctions eating two meals within a 12-hour period. So does this diet plan work? The whole fasting and eating at the same time thing has become so ubiquitous, we’re inured to the fact that it’s the stupidest oxymoron since skinny-fat. But suspending logic and intellect for the sake of being able to buy lunch and stovepipe jeans, we’re digging scientific backing for a pro-grub upgrade to the…


Hip-up to V-hold

Spice up your leg raises and challenge your core strength with this hip-up to V-hold. Inspired by yoga asanas, this move is slow and controlled and will work not only your core but also engage glutes and improve mobility in the shoulders.  How to: 1. Start by sitting on the floor with your legs extended, hands behind you and with fingertips facing your body. 2. Engage your core, point your…


1,500 calorie diet review (editor road test)

If you’ve ever logged your intake in MyFitnessPal, you’ll have faced the cruel fact I recently did: you don’t get much food for 1,500 calories.   A couple of globs of nut butter and a protein shake and you’re down to 1,000. So when I was asked to road test Dietlicious’ 1,500 calorie seven-day plan, my head convo went something like this. Voice 1: But I hate being hungry. Voice…


Is your job ruining your looks?

Stress, lack of sleep, poor diet and even too much time in front of your computer can wreak havoc with your looks, says Dermatologist Ann-Maree Kurzydlo. Here are 5 culprits to look out for. Getting up with the birds to make 6am Pump, checking emails when you get up to the loo and fuelling said cycle with glucose can take its toll. And no matter how good you are at…


Meet our cover model: Theresa Jenn Lopetrone

Theresa Jenn Lopetrone, 35, is our gorgeous February cover model. Here, she reveals all about body image, fitspo and her love of food.  On contemporary definitions of ‘fitness’  Our society has glorified petite waistlines through the use of fat burners, overtraining and Photoshopping. Unfortunately, this standard of ‘fitness’ does not equate to ‘fit’. Somewhere along the way, we decided that chasing these perfected images was more important than focusing on…


5 hormones that cause weight gain

  Did you know that regulating hormones can help control weight gain, even without reducing the intake of food? Yes, really! Angela Tufvesson finds out more. Melatonin What is it? The hormone of darkness, melatonin maintains the body’s circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is an internal 24-hour clock that regulates when we fall asleep and wake up. The body produces melatonin when it is dark to encourage rest. Is it…


Join the World’s Largest Core Fitness Class

Want to be part of the World’s Largest Core Fitness Class? Join us in Melbourne on Saturday 14th March 2015. Guy Leech, known as Australias No.1 fitness coach and seven-times Ironman winner, will be leading the attempt to set the record for World’s Largest Core Fitness Class. It will be fun and frantic, with the Guinness Book of Records officials at the ready! The class includes 3-minute exercises at 10…


Weight loss protein powders – what to look out for

Weight-loss is one of the most popular uses of protein powder, even being used as total meal replacement shakes. So what should you look out for? How do they work? Proteins have a ‘thermic’ effect, meaning that they create heat in the body through the process of digestion. Since proteins take a lot of energy to digest, you burn more calories after eating a meal high in protein,” says nutritionist…