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Fitness motivation with Rachael Attard

  It’s all about enjoying your workouts so it doesn’t feel like a chore for personal trainer, model and nutritionist Rachal Attard. Take note of her motivation tips and health advice and be on your way to a better you.   Rachael Attard is all about teaching women how to “live healthier, exercise the right way and not starve their bodies to lose weight”. An advocate of balance, which extends…


Combat workplace stress

  Prevent workplace stress with these simple tactics. Take active breaks from work or niggling problems to let your brain get its stuff together. Try getting up and walking away from the site of the problem; you may just have an ‘aha’ moment. Fix your posture. Standing tall can boost confidence and tell colleagues you’re on your game. Curate facial expressions – not so much to send a message to…


Full body toning circuit

  The six move workout that will firm your arms, thighs and butt.     No time to get to the gym. Spending your group class budget on the mortgage. There are a million excuses not to get moving. All you need for this set of six toning moves from WH&F trainer Nichelle Laus is the resistance of your own body weight and a set of dumbbells. The rules –…


Coconut bliss balls

  Satisfy your sweet tooth with these coconut bliss balls! What you’ll need 1 cup pitted or fresh dates ¼ cup raw almonds 1 cup walnuts 5 pitted prunes 2 scoops natural protein powder 1 chopped protein bar (optional) Shredded coconut 2 tbsp chia seeds Lime zest What you’ll do Place all the ingredients in a food processor and blend until smooth. Add a touch of filtered water and some…


The benefits of concurrent training

  Speed up your results by incorporating concurrent training into your workouts. There’s nothing like a double-whammy workout, but if you’re thinking of combining weights and cardio into one session, some caveats apply. “Again, the last thing you want to do is ask your muscles to work at their highest levels and to have your technique fail because you’re already partially exhausted from your cardio,” says exercise psychologist, clinical personal…


The health benefits of nuts

It’s not all bad news when it comes to debunking the benefits of nuts. Go nuts but remember moderation is key! AlmondsCASE: 50 g has as much calcium as half a glass of milkAlmonds are the desk snack du jour. Here’s why. A 50 g serve of almonds contains as much calcium as half a glass of milk and supplies about 130 per cent of daily vitamin E requirements (more…


Ab and core workout by Emily Skye

  Sculpt rock hard abs with fitness IT girl Emily Skye‘s exclusive workout for WH&F. This is a fantastic ab and core workout you really can do anywhere. By doing the workout in a circuit format, you also get the added benefit of a fantastic fat burning session. High-intensity circuits are by far the best way to burn fat as you have the effects of burning fat well after the workout…


7 tips for workout success

WH&F head trainer Nikki Fogden-Moore shares her tips for workout success. 1.    Find exercises you love2.    Mix up the order of things3.    Take your gym outdoors4.    Bring a friend and put an interval timer on your phone5.    Pump up the sounds6.    Be grateful that you’re able to plan and create the body and the life you want. Gratitude for where you are at now is integral to getting to where…


Steph Prem’s fitness motivation

  Struggling to kickstart your workouts? You’ll be suprised by how Steph Prem‘s simple tactics can reframe exercise as a want-to not a have-to do. You might remember Steph Prem’s vital, blonde persona from the 2010 Olympic Games, where she was the only woman to represent Australia in snowboard cross. A career-ending crash in the same year meant that Prem turned her sights away from professional snowsports and to an…


How to apply flawless foundation

Get the perfect summer glow with make up artist Rachel Wood tips for flawless foundation. 1. Maintain moisture “Your foundation will go on so much better if your skin is thoroughly hydrated with the appropriate moisturiser for your skin type – if your skin is well balanced then it won’t be trying to suck up the moisture from your foundation.” 2. Primer “A good primer will even out tone and…