Mocktail Instpiration


Summer is in full swing, and July is the perfect month to entertain family and friends. Not all summer parties need to include a large meal and drinks to take you into the late evening. What about hosting a short, but heavy on sweet, “Mocktail Hour” from your cottage, park or front porch after work?

A mocktail is a drink that is void of alcohol but includes fruit juice, soft drinks, sparkling water and sometimes tea and vinegar served over ice. Capture the summer aura by pairing a refreshing drink with light, snacking dishes and seasonal décor.

A wonderful and easy Sangria mocktail is made by mixing various fruit juices and adding slices of oranges, lemon and limes. Spice up this favorite summer drink with some mint from the garden.

For your mocktail party, hors d’oeuvres can be served lightly. Try deviled eggs on sliced cucumbers with a fresh sprig of dill from your local farmers market or your potager, or a cheese tray with a variety of colors and textures that is sure to please all. Add a light dessert of fresh berries with edible flowers and whipped crème to the table. Use pretty glasses for variety and to enhance the color of the drinks you are serving.

Make it official by sending invitations. Keep a short time frame and announce the theme of the party. A Thursday evening is a nice time to host a mocktail hour, as the event will not cut into the coveted summer weekends. Sometimes the best summer gatherings last just a few hours where guests can socialize briefly and not feel obligated to stay late into the night.

Whatever menu you choose to serve, be sure to keep the atmosphere welcoming, complete with fruity and festive drinks. A casual, yet elegant mocktail party the perfect way to celebrate this beautiful time of year.