How to apply flawless foundation

Get the perfect summer glow with make up artist Rachel Wood tips for flawless foundation.

1. Maintain moisture

“Your foundation will go on so much better if your skin is thoroughly hydrated with the appropriate moisturiser for your skin type – if your skin is well balanced then it won’t be trying to suck up the moisture from your foundation.”

2. Primer

“A good primer will even out tone and smooth out pores, leaving a silky, even base for you to apply your foundation on.”

3. Tools

“I suggest applying a dab of foundation on your skin with clean hands then using the sponge to smooth out, if you like using them. Using a brush will give your foundation the most polished look; paint on the foundation in long, flat strokes to apply and smooth out the edges. “If you have a foundation that is ‘illuminating’ or has any type of ‘glow’, try using a buffing or more round-type brush and blend upwards in circular motions – this will pick up any of the shimmery particles in the foundation, giving your skin that extra glow.”

Say hello to beach days and get ready to shine this summer with our beauty tips.

Photography: Thinkstock



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