Keep calm and Keri on

August 4, 2015

She plays a spy on tv, but in real life Keri Russell’s biggest secret is how she maintains that hot body. Lucky for us she spills the beans… Wanna know how old the former Felicity star is? Drum roll…she’s 37. Damn, girl! Pretty impressive for someone who’s got her hands full. She films five days a week for the new TV series The Americans(Mondays, 8.30pm on Channel 10), in which…


Dealing with negativity

August 3, 2015

Positivity in low supply? Understant what causes negative emotions and learn how to deal with them.   Positivity in low supply? Understant what causes negative emotions and learn how to deal with them. Ever felt a hit of jealousy upon seeing your workmate flirting with the office eye candy? Or felt guilt for spilling wine on that shirt you borrowed (and couldn’t afford to dry clean)? In pre-civilisation times these…


Sofia Vergara talks to Women’s Health

August 1, 2015

The Modern Family star divulges her thoughts on fashion, men and other racy stuff. Maxi skirts, high-waisted shorts, metallic Birkenstocks: many women love them (see the popular Man Repeller fashion blog). But Sofia Vergara? Youll never catch her in baggy drop-crotch pants. “I’m Latin, and in our culture, we dress to pick up guys, or for our boyfriends or husbands, rather than for other girls. I’ll prefer to die than…


Doctors Answer 9 Of Your Biggest Health Questions

July 31, 2015

When we invited you to share your most vexing questions about your health and well-being, you didn’t hesitate. Welcome to your straight-talk guide to feeling great. “How can a woman approaching middle age get more energy?” Aleksandar Stojanov/Thinkstock Many women start to feel like they’re dragging in their late 30s and 40s. They’re losing testosterone, which may act as an antidepressant, and experiencing a flux in their levels of estrogen…


WH Action Hero: Jessica Smith, 29, WA

July 30, 2015

Move over, Katniss… this Aussie woman kicks mucho arse Why she’s our hero Born without her left forearm, then suffering third-degree burns to 14 per cent of her body as a toddler, life has dealt Jessica some sucker punches. “I grew up looking different and was confused. I thought I was being punished for something and I asked my parents every day, ‘What have I done to deserve this?’” Growing…


Kate Hudson reveals her body secrets

July 29, 2015

At this year’s Golden Globes WH cover girl Kate Hudson won the battle of the celebrity bods. So what’s her secret? Working out for 20 minutes a day – a ritual she credits with boosting her bum and her brainpower. The mother-of-two says she exercises just about anywhere and everywhere she can. “When I’m at home I fit in Pilates. It has always been my foundation as it engages everything…


Ellie Goulding talks headstands

July 28, 2015

With five half-marathons under her belt, the Brit singer proves anything can happen if you put your mind to it Handstands. No easy feat. Although Ellie Goulding is becoming somewhat of an expert in balancing her body on nothing more than a pair of palms and ten fingers. On the surface, these handstands exhibit Goulding’s athleticism. But perhaps on a deeper level, they represent her knack for turning perspectives upside…


Eight ways to be more spiritual

July 27, 2015

Meditation and mindfulness are thousands of millennia old. What’s been updated is a guru who’s relatable, has salon-fresh waves (no dreads here) and who gets that not everyone’s “buzz” is a silent retreat. Meet Gabrielle Bernstein, Oprah’s soul sister and the woman giving spirituality a fresh take. In a former life she was a New York City publicist and party girl. Today, the “spirit junkie”, 35, is a bestselling author…


Bend it like Bisk

July 25, 2015

Get your flexi on with Amanda’s top exercises   One of Amanda Bisk’s 200k Instagram followers? Then you’ll already be inspired by her super-bendy yoga poses, positive energy and insane body. Alongside her seriously impressive credentials (she’s a exercise physiologist and certified CrossFit and yoga instructor) she’s also author of her own eBook Secrets to Stress Less, Re-Energise, & Feel Refreshingly Flexible. Featuring step-by-step instructions and her own personal stretching…


Five ways to kick life goals

July 24, 2015

Good things come to those who go get them. Yet 20 per cent of adults identify as chronic procrastinators, research by DePaul University Chicago shows. So what’s the harm of spending more time diarising workouts rather than actually doing them? Well, procrastination predicts long-term problems like failing to save for your rocking chair years and putting preventative health care on the backburner the researchers found. Oh. “Procrastination is about how…