Your body on a detox

July 16, 2015

Planning on a fruit-juice cleanse? Or an eat-by-colour diet? Or something equally obscure? Read this first.   Before you halt all solids and bunker down with a 7-day plan of diet shakes or juices, consider what a detox does to your insides. While pressing pause on the more-than-occasional takeaway dinners or stripping your diet of refined sugars can be beneficial for your health, quick-fix detoxes can be hazardous. We reveal…


10 Foods That Promote Weight Loss

July 15, 2015

Foods that promote weight loss might seem too good to be true—after all, doesn’t nearly everything have calories? But some foods really can help you along your weight loss journey when you choose them over other options. Here are 10 to add to your diet in moderation. 1. Apples Research has shown that eating a fiber-filled apple before a meal can fill you up so you eat fewer calories. They’re…


How to Kick Your Sugar Habit Once and for All

July 14, 2015

Do you have a love-hate relationship with your sweet tooth? Do you love taking a big, chocolaty bite of that candy bar you crave after lunch, but you hate those extra few pounds you put on over the course of the year? If your sugar habit is out of control and you’re ready to kick it for good, here’s how to go about it in a way that’s more likely to…


What to do after a food binge

July 12, 2015

Eaten too much? Overindulged at the weekend? These tips should help you resume and maintain your healthy habits following a food blowout. The occasional overindulgence isn’t going to harm your health, but it’s important to get back on track after a big night out. “It’s normal to overindulge and go out and enjoy yourself on occasion, but it’s how you redeem yourself after the fact as to whether you see…


3 Vending Machines, 1 Nutritionist: What She Ate from Each

July 11, 2015

As an R.D., I’m a huge believer in listening to your body. I tell all my clients (and anyone that will listen!) that they need to pay attention when their bodies are saying, “I’m slightly hungry.” If you don’t, you’ll end up gnawing on anything in sight. In a perfect world, we would all eat fresh, whole-food meals and snacks every three to four hours. But work, kids, errands, and…


The Diets That Are Proven to Make You GAIN Weight

July 10, 2015

If you want to drop pounds, you need to diet—or at least, that’s what anyone who has a pulse would believe based on all of the messages bombarding us about weight loss. I dieted for 10 years, constantly chasing that image I had in my mind of my ideal, skinny body. As a health coach, I work with women who’ve been dieting for decades, believing that it’s their fault that these…


How many calories are in your coffee?

July 9, 2015

Many of us forget to count the calories (kJs) in our morning coffee. Find out how many calories there are in lattes, frappes and cappuccinos.   Many of us forget to count the calories (kJs) in our morning coffee. Find out how many calories there are in lattes, frappes and cappuccinos. Drinking milk is the most natural thing in the world – it’s about the first thing we actively do…


5:2 diet plan: 500-calorie meals

July 8, 2015

Tempted by the 5:2? Try out our three-week plan for size You’ve probably heard of intermittent fasting. The 5:2 diet is still going strong, as an increasing amount of research continues to suggest the easiest way to incorporate fasting into your lifestyle, and still gain health benefits, is to restrict your food intake to 500 calories (600 for men) two days a week. Not convinced 500 will stretch that far? You…


4 Sneaky Things That Can Make You Overeat

July 7, 2015

Overeating is tricky. First, you may not even realize you’re doing it. Second, you may not know why you’re eating too much, because some triggers are downright counterintuitive. Here are four sneaky reasons you may be taking in too many surplus calories, and what you can do to stop it. Fitness food marketing I think we all know that simply eating a food won’t make us more fit, but a…


5 Packaged Foods That Are Just as Easy to Make on Your Own

July 6, 2015

Yep, really. You know you need to stop eating packaged foods. You know they’re filled with preservatives, added sugars, and impossible-to-pronounce ingredients that can pack on the pounds, up your risk of heart disease, and possibly even cause cancer. But then again, they’re just so convenient. Luckily for you, these DIY versions of your favorite packaged foods are just as easy to whip up. Seriously. Just try them out. We…