Why you should reward yourself for exercising

Need something to motivate you to exercise? Learn how to schedule rewards the right way and boost your gym mojo.  What it does: Rewarding yourself for a trip to the gym might sound indulgent, but having something to look forward to may help getting out the door (come rain or shine) that much easier.“We call it pleasant event scheduling,” says sport and exercise psychology registrar Damien Stewart. “The aim of…

September 9, 2015

The amazing ‘mind–gut connection’

The two-way convo between your head and gut might be the answer to both mental and bodily health problems. The directive to ‘go with your gut’ is more than a throwaway line from pseudo-science. Frances Dalton, a nutritionist and medical advisor for the MINDD Foundation, which promotes mind-body approaches in healthcare, says the gut is being recognised as the second brain. Your second brain “There are millions of nerve cells…

September 2, 2015

Plank with mountain climber

August 4, 2015

Tone your core with this awesome plank variation. How to Begin with a basic plank: in a push-up position, form a straight line from your head to your toes. Keep your pelvis tucked, your spine and neck neutral and shoulders relaxed and away from your neck. With elbows bent (softended) reach one knee towards the same-side elbow. Repeat one side after the other. Perform 10 touches per side with quick…


5 myths about the contraceptive Pill

July 23, 2015

Heard a rumour that the contraceptive Pill wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be? We’ve sorted the fact from fiction. MYTH: Long-term Pill use makes falling pregnant less likely A study at Copenhagen University Hospital last year found that levels of anti-Mullerian hormone and antral follicles, which predict fertilisation probability, were 19 and 16 per cent lower respectively in Pill users than those not taking a contraceptive pill. Ovarian volume…


Ab crunch: elbow to knee

July 22, 2015

Want a flat stomach and toned abs? Try this ab crunch with a twist. How to Start with legs elevated in a V, bending at one knee and arms bent, hands by ears. Crunch one elbow to reach opposite bent knee. Breathe out at the top of the movement. Repeat movement 10 times per side.   {nomultithumb}   Fitness


10 ways to boost calorie burn at the gym

Trick up your workout with these simple techniques to burn more fat at the gym.      1. Rep remandSo much for lifting like a forklift on caffeine pills. To boost metabolism, you want fewer reps with heavier weights according to the Norwegian University of Sport and Physical Education. To maximise calorie burn after your workout (a.k.a. excess post-exercise oxygen consumption or EPOC), aim for three to seven reps.  …

July 8, 2015

Juice fasting for weight loss

Trying to lose weight? Don’t be deceived by the term ‘juice fast’… Considering a glass or bottle of cold-pressed juice can contain up to 1,000 kJ – a juice cleanse won’t necessarily cause rapid weight loss. “People on juice diets might be having litres of juice in a day…it’s a little ridiculous,” says WH&F dietitian on speed-dial Melanie McGrice (melaniemcgrice.com.au). “We actually recommend that people who need to gain weight…

June 29, 2015

High protein chocolate cupcakes

June 28, 2015

Protein cupcakes are nothing less than totally awesome. These are intensely chocolate and rich. Top them with whatever you like best. Perhaps this salted caramel cream cheese icing? It’s really good. Disclaimer: We won’t pretend this caramel sauce is high in protein or low in sugar, because … it is caramel. But it contains no refined sugar. The secret here is to harness the naturally occurring sugars in the syrup…


4 tips for running in winter

Running coach and personal trainer Sally Lynch shares her pro-tips for running safely, sanely and in style this winter. Pro-tip #1 Get warm: Take an extra few minutes to get your muscles and joints warmed up. Focus on dynamic stretches like leg swings, body weight squats and walking lunges. Pro-tip #2 Stay warm: Wear several thin layers of moisture-wicking fabric. This traps warm air between each layer and keeps you…

June 16, 2015

Sweet potato pancakes

Looking for healthy recipes? Try these sweet potato pancakes from cover model Nichelle Laus Ingredients» 250 ml liquid egg whites» 120 g cooked (and mashed) sweet potato*» Cinnamon to taste What you’ll do:Blend ingredients for about 10 seconds and pour batter into lightly sprayed pan. Cook on both sides and enjoy! Tip: Be patient and allow to cook thoroughly or it will fall apart. *Substitute pumpkin or cauliflower if desired…

June 16, 2015