7 tips for workout success

WH&F head trainer Nikki Fogden-Moore shares her tips for workout success.

1.    Find exercises you love
2.    Mix up the order of things
3.    Take your gym outdoors
4.    Bring a friend and put an interval timer on your phone
5.    Pump up the sounds
6.    Be grateful that you’re able to plan and create the body and the life you want. Gratitude for where you are at now is integral to getting to where you want to be. If you are constantly telling yourself you’re not fit, healthy and happy enough, it will manifest. Focus on the positive.
7.    REALLY commit to a healthy mind as well as a healthy workout regime.

Psssst…a bonus tip that always works:
Add your focus for each session so you go in with a game plan. The exercises can all be the same but it’s your approach and attitude towards the session that will make the difference!

Image by: Sam Frysteen

Read on for more workout tips to become the best version of yourself.



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